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Moki Parts

If you are in need of parts please click here. If you need engines and accessories like, baffles and prop’s. Please contact a CARF Model Rep. at

Thank You for your patience.

Stocked Universal Parts

Carb Linkage

Carb Gaskets


Carb Kits

Drill Jigs

Hall sensor replacement plugs

Plug caps

Prop bolts

Prop Washers

Rocker axles

Single Coils

Spark plugs

Smoke Nipples

Teflon Exhaust Seals

Throttle extensions


Valve adjuster w/nut

Valve springs

Valve Plates

12 and 16mm copper intake and exhaust seals

9mm E-clips

350mm Exhaust Extensions 

Stocked 180 Parts

Coil pack

Exhaust manifolds w/Teflon seal

Exhaust rockers

Front bearing

Hall sensors

Head Gasket

Ignition modules (Blue box)

Intake and exhaust rockers.

Prop hubs

Push rods

Stocked 300 Parts

Coil pack

Hall Sensors

Prop Hub

Push Rods

Ignition modules (Blue box)

Stocked 250 Parts

Cylinder heads 14mm Exhaust

Cylinder heads 12mm Exhaust


Coil packs

Connection Rods

Engine Mounts

Exhaust Manifolds

Exhaust pipe w/Teflon seal

Exhaust rockers

Front Bearing

Hall sensors

Head Gaskets

Ignition modules (Blue box)

Inlet Manifold

Intake rockers

O-rings (F&R cover and lower cylinder)


Piston pins

Piston Rings

Prop hub

Push rods

Tappet Guides

Upper and lower pushrods (tappets)

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