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If Your Engine Won't Run

There are a few basic things you can check before sending you engine in for service. 

Check the needle valves first.  Set the high needle (closest the firewall) at 1 3/4 turns out.  Set the low needle to 1 1/4 turn out. 
Close the choke and flip the engine 10 to 15 times.  There should be fuel present at the carburetor.  If there is no fuel present, there is a fuel supply problem.  Make sure the choke plate is closing all the way.  Close to closed will not work Check the carb. pulse tube for blockage.  If you are using an electric pump make sure it is turning on and working properly  . Check your tank and lines for issues. 

If you find fuel present at the carb. check the spark plugs for fuel.  If the plugs are wet the engine may be flooded.  Clean or replace spark plugs and try again. 

If at this point the engine has not fired at all there is likely a spark issue.  Although it is possible to check spark on your own it can be tricky without the correct tools.  Check battery voltage,  It is recommended to use a lipo 7.4V  A life 6.6 should also work. 

NOTE  Before you start trying to check spark it's good to know a few things.  Pulling the caps off the spark plug and cranking the engine with the wire just hanging puts a heavy load on the coils.  This is likely the #1 cause of coil failures.  Once you pull a plug cap off put a spark plug in the cap end.

Check the lights on the blue box. After you turn the power on and before you crank the engine there should be one steady light and one that flashes slow and steady.   Flip the engine a few times then check that the blinking light has now stopped blinking.  At this point the light should blink every time a cylinder is trying to fire.  If the lights do not work as described there is likely a hall sensor or blue box issue.

If the engine starts and runs poorly on the factory rec. carb settings adjusting the carb will likely not help.  The engine should run just fine on those settings.

If none of the above help your engine may need to come in for service. Use this link to request service

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